Cattlemen's Chili Lime Rub, 22.75 Ounce

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Product Description

Cattlemen's Chili Lime Rub is a pre-mixed rub that brings tangy, salty, citrus-inspired flavor to the table. For more than 50 years, Cattlemen’s has set the standard for quality and performance with legendary taste and a formula built exclusively for food service professionals. The great taste of Cattlemen's Chili Lime Rub starts with great ingredients. This seasoning features a thoughtfully balanced blend of chili pepper, lime juice, real sea salt, garlic, onion, paprika and brown mustard seed for a rub that's both tangy and salty. The seasoning will add a subtle pop of heat balanced with cool lime flavor, making Cattlemen's Chili Lime Rub popular with all sorts of barbecue fans. Cattlemen's Chili Lime Rub comes pre-mixed and ready to use — no preparation necessary. Ground to the perfect consistency, the rub will not break down in slow and low or open flame cooking processes, maximizing flavor in the final dish and enabling you to use whichever barbecue method you prefer. This chili lime powder is suitable for both dry and wet application methods. Apply it directly to pork, seafood or chicken prior to cooking, use it to season vegetable side dishes or mix it with your favorite Cattlemen's BBQ sauce for some extra zing. For wet applications, mix one tablespoon of Cattlemen’s Chili Lime Rub with one cup of BBQ sauce to create quick and deliciously flavorful house-made signature sauces. Mix well before using. Cattlemen’s Chili Lime Rub has a shelf life of 720 days when stored tightly closed in a cool, dry place to protect against flavor loss and moisture. To maintain the product's powerful flavor and bright red color, avoid exposing it to heat, humidity, direct sunlight and fluorescent light while in storage. Always use dry measuring spoons and cups to ensure optimal product integrity.
  • Menu Versatility: Cattlemen’s Chili Lime Rub is crafted with quality ingredients including real sea salt, chili pepper, garlic and lime juice to add a tangy yet salty-citrusy flavor as a rub or in marinades, delivering optimal performance and menu versatility
  • Crafted for Chefs: Built exclusively for food service, this rub features a finer grind that penetrates food and is pre-mixed for convenience and consistency, giving chefs a multi-purpose seasoning perfect for low ‘n slow cooking methods
  • Real Ingredients: Cattlemen’s Chili Lime Rub is kosher and Non-GMO Project Verified; with no MSG added, this chili lime seasoning will keep your dishes tasting natural and balanced
  • Convenient Bottle Size: The 22.75-ounce bottle makes a perfect addition to any back-of-house seasoning collection; two convenient dispensing options allow staff to measure out exact amounts and add seasoning to dishes efficiently
  • Multiple Uses: Cattlemen’s Chili Lime Rub works as a stand-alone rub or as an ingredient in signature sauces; use the seasoning as a dry rub on seafood, pork and chicken or mix it with Cattlemen's BBQ sauces for a thick and tangy marinade

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